Metal tube, container,

Silver and cylinderal,

White acidic mixture,

Neon green and blue chemical,

Fill it,

Like blood, a liquid of life,

The heart and blood of a robot,

Travelling through its wire blood,

Little I-pod, phone, laptom emblem,

Like the flag of our nation we know it well,

Like a fire-alarm, radar, sonar, siren,

We recognise the bleeping, flashing, pop-ups,

With the words 'Low-battery' emblazoned across the screen,

We plug in our computerised little friends,

Lest we have to live for too long without them,

Watch the empty outline fill with white,

Knowing that our friend of technology will be just fine,

Ode to engine and battery and charger,

Without you we'd probably all just die.

The End

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