What do you do

When streams are running

Away from you,

And they won’t be caught

However hard

You’re running



What do you do

When clouds are passing

Out of tears,

And you can’t rise

Up to save them,

And keep them

In your hands?


What do you do

When the sun rises

Only to fall,

And your strength

Isn’t strong enough

To pull it

Up again?


What do you do

When the moon turns

Its face away,

And you can’t read

The expression

Of the darkness

It leaves you?


What do you do

When the rocks give

Out into rubble,

And sha’n’t be found

No matter the searching;

Something precious

Is lost?


And what have you

To keep you

Going, when there

Is nothing left,

Everything becoming

Nothing, and nothing

Is possessed?

The End

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