Lavender-Tinted Rain

Immaculate precipitation

Rained upon this sultry world.

Singing simplistic jubilation

The flowers’-limbs unfurled.


Sunlit icons blazed with gold

Upon the green-clad lawn.

That vernal rain was unforetold

And magical that morn.


Lilac and mauve were the raindrops

Upon a setting of forest-green.

Shimmering with pristine vitality

Was the lavender-tinted rain.


Pride bloomed on the clouds’ cheeks

In a rosy colour called ‘bow’.

Feathered emotion curved in streaks

With a wingspan of high to low.


And rain washed down to country creeks,

In silvery runnels of dew.

That teary shower has been ended for weeks

But I’ll ever remember you.

The End

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