Tinnitus of Desire

Dedicated to my first anniversary of joining Protagonize, though the two--poem and event--have nothing whatsoever to do with one another. And inspired by SumnerzAngel's recent poem 'Desire-Tinged and Ruby-Dark', and a couple of others, the titles of which currently escape me. Just take a peek in her latest anthology and I'm sure you'll find them!


Self-cursed in repulsive passion,

Wholly enthralled in the flavoursome wailing

Of my sorry soul as it spirals down,

Finely attuned to the tinnitus of craving


Desire. We are together

Within the confines of my dark firmament,

Bewitched by blindness,

Gyrating between tides of luxury.


Sharp tone of self-slander,

Purity asunder,

We release compunctive glances

Back to mislaid chances


—“Could have been;”

But has never been

And never could have been

And never will have been, surely.


Though we must lose

In indolent lust our sentience,

Wounded by feather-sensitive arrows

And plucked like intoxicated strings of a lyre,


Yes, we kick in delight,

Writhe in horrorous desire,

Slide in yellow sweat of ambrosia

And delight


In my primeval dreams

—I savage and I teeth—

Rife with hazard

And delectable danger:


Violence and beatitude;

Twins in time,

Demons in spirit;

And both are mine.


Indeed, you are mine

In my dreams,

Each angle heaving in waves of grime,

Each pore lodged with wells of grease.


You are mine

In my dreams,

And never your release

I shall grant, for it seems


That you rivet and beleaguer

Me, and make me meagre

And humble in adulation,

Yet bold in exaltation


For you are mine.

The End

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