Friends and Strangers

I watched from afar the blind disrespect

Of imprudent people when they neglect

The unspoken duties that they should do—

For if not they, then tell me, who?

Cannot you see that your own ship is wrecked?


Why, very friends do they ignore

As if it’s ‘friendship’ they now abhor;

Leave they broken hearts in a churning wake—

It’s more than friendship that’s at stake.

Despite time’s relay I will always be sore.


These people, who obligation is to they

An inconvenience, no debts to pay,

They merely see the self’s desires

And not what others’ sanity requires.

I forgave you then, but I ache every day.


But truly it’s only the strangers who perceive

The pain, and this they calmly relieve

By wordless, unquestioning, benevolent deeds;

The alien only can heal others’ misdeeds—

And after your soul still I will grieve.

The End

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