Adapted from an early piece of prose.


A mountain

Stands tall and erect

In the growing sunlight.

Stately giant

Watching over,

Kindly comrade,

Heartening friend;

So near, and yet so far;

Symbol of safety and security;

Whisper of a confidante

Who is always there,

Always reliable,

Always present

At every homecoming;

Beauty beyond adequate description,

Awe-inspiring reminder of God's majesty;

Modest reflection of the potency

Which created the marvels of the universe.

Across the scarred face of the mountain

Is sketched an expression solemn with anticipation,

But bright with auriferous jollity

And full of honest ardour;

It stirs the magic of compassion,

Excites the revellous vision of a goddess bride;

Veil of morning dew,

Gown of morning sunbeams;

Peaceful features sculpted

By the clever tools of cherubim,

The exalting arias of angels,

The patient touch of seraphim;

And a finely glazed aura

Of tender neutrality;

A fair force

Poised to enrich one’s wellbeing,

Rather than granting egoistic desires.

Then, when one rejects its gentle generosity,

The mountain becomes stern and boding,

Condemning thoughts,

Forbidding dreams,

Guiding back to the true path

With haughty displeasure.

Oh, my serene mountain!

Pondering life and pondering death,

Ever-changing, never-changing,

My friend and my foe,

My loyal guide, teacher, chaperon,

Paradox, paradigm, paragon,

My divine epiphany,

My God.

The End

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