Someday, Someday...

This was nagging all night till I surrendered to its insistence and settled to write - at two in the morning!


Someday, someday…

Palest promises

Flung out, unrestrained.

Silvery wishes

Reflecting the sound

Of sincere longing,

But procrastination supreme.

Respite from guilt

In empty pledges,

But conscious dalliance

Soon is unwitting;

Deliberate delay,

But unwary

Of time’s eternal relay.

Someday, someday…

“I will do so many things,”

You think, but truly,

There is no truth;


But no foresight.

Watery warrants,

Unleashed and regretted,

Free but unfulfilled.

Dimmest obligations

And whimsical oaths,

Swirling round, unkempt.

You may vow

With truth, but really

No time will come

When you will not say,

“Someday, someday…”

And still you delay:

“Someday, someday…”

The End

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