Accusation and Disinclination

That person who is supposed to be in bed ill

Offers to help you with the chores

You must perform

Because they are unable so to do.

That is ungrateful.

How dare they

Deny your generosity?

How dare they

Veto the sacrifices you are making

For the sake

Of their illness?

You know you are being selfish.

You are heartless,

Unworthy of responsibility,

But the chores you must do,

And what are you supposed to think?

The very idea

That the ill one is willing

To assist the one who fills in

Is an insult to the severity of the illness.

It is

A conviction of your inability,

A confirmation of your reluctance,

A consecration to your selfishness

And your pleas to be spared

The toil and the labour,

Those please which you craftily

Costumed for the sake of your annoyance.

Your loved one is ill,

They talk ridicule:

Forgive them.

But, I ask in all sincerity,

What am I supposed to feel?

Appreciative of the duties

Because I am trusted?

Or bitter

Because my efforts are unwanted,

And I am untrusted

To the execution of them

Without accusation

Of disinclination.

The End

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