Sweet Williams

An old saga made into a poem. My favourite flowers, I think, alongside sweet peas, but 'peas' is a less fanciful word than 'williams', and therefore I have used the latter.


Sweet williams –

Oh, my dearest darlings!

Glowing with undenied hue and passion,

What a pretty compliment

You do pay me by your brave fragrance.

I shall ne'er be melancholy

Whilst my dear sweet williams are loyal

Aside my tentative steps.

How could I do without you, dears?

But I must apologise, I must entreat;

I beg forgiveness.

You do not like to be spoken of in such a way.

I must not intrude so ill-judgedly

Or fantasise so wildly

With my ephemeral fancies –

And yet they are all but ephemeral.

If only you saw your worth,

Darling sweet williams –

If only.

The End

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