Lies in the Halflight

(The first 'modern' of mine in this 'anthology'.)

Lies, smoky and wistful in the halflight

As a shaft of grey moonlight

Reflects –

Deceit glimmers and glints.


A lie is an ember,

The seed of the greedy fire,

The trace behind the blazing rage –

Treachery is afoot.


A word of warped wisdom,

A wicked master of malevolence

With a mischievous star in his mischievous eye –

The ivory mask of the lie.


Honesty is a potion

A poison to the lie

An alkali to its bitter twin.


Lies, smoky and wistful in the halflight,

Shimmering with fraudulence.

Rings of corruption,

Beadily watching, boding,



Waiting for the word

Which will change the world.

Waiting for the spark

That will light the fire

And the breath that will

Brighten the glow

And the fear that will feed the flame

And the fault that will explode with a shattering bang,

And fuel the fire.


The thundering rampage of the buffalo –

A swift blaze of the prairie

Or the rusting of a nail,

Rotten –

The slow greedy house fire

Of lies.


A lie is a tongue of conspiracy

Two lies is a tongue of espionage

Many lies are a million tongues of fire

Alive and hungry and rapid to reproduce –

A million termites make a monster,

Hideous and terrifying;

A million microbes make a disease,

Ugly and crippling.


A mosquito carries a disease,

So a lie carries one too.

The disease of deceit,

Treason and hypocrisy.


You are a breeding ground for microbes,

And a haven of dry forestwood –

If a mosquito catches you unawares,

Or a spark spits against your belly,

You become a monster,

A disease,

An all-consuming fire –

Ignited by the lie.


Lies, smoky and wistful in the halflight –

Dreamy and gentle,

But deadly.

The End

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