I of Light, You of Dark

I of light.

You of dark.

I of hope.

You of despair.

I of precision.

You of gloom.

I of dreams.

You of nightmares.

I of splendour.

You of grime.

I of white.

You of black.

I of midday.

You of midnight.

I of gladness.

You of sadness.

I of fire.

You of ice.

I of delight.

You of chill.

I of enchantment.

You of hypnotism.

I of respect.

You of discourtesy.

I of admiration.

You of criticism.

I of peace.

You of rebellion.

I of joy.

You of sorrow.

I of laughter.

You of madness.

I of right.

You of wrong.

I of clarity.

You of dullness.

I of justice.

You of spite.

I of healing.

You of harming.

I of wonder.

You of knowledge.

I of life.

You of death.

I of love.

You of hate.


I am the Lamb.


You are the Serpent.

The End

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