Chocolate Sonnet

I'm an appalling poet. This is a work for whenever I feel the [inexplicable] desire to write bad poetry. Here goes...

A lot of people love a lot of things

From broccoli to warthogs to feet.

But for me, my love is none of these things,

Just chocolate, so luscious and so sweet.

It can be hard and soft at the same time,

Nutty or crunchy or caramel soft,

Strawberry or orange or lemon or lime;

My compassion will conquer all variety.

Melting like cloud at the back of the throat

With a smooth filling to suck from the centre,

Clothed in the sweetest of silky coats,

Chocolate can never get better.

So maybe you love your cat or your dog,

But for me, my love can only be chocolate.


(I don't even like chocolate that much!)

The End

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