Barely There

This is a poem written in stream of consciousness, so it might not make that much sense... it's just about me, I guess. self-explanitory. Please comment! i appreciate any critiques :]

I am so tired of hiding.

Stop looking Don't look Don't judge

Don't make me bleed again.

I don't want to think like this

Stream of Consciousness

Tick tock the time changes


But everything won't stop


Make them go away

Scars Worries Questions.

I'm alright, but just for now.

Wait till later I'll bleed for you

For me

For confusion and broken hearts

Mine and ours

Us, we are,

Here together.

I'm all alone most of the time

Can't stand being all alone

Can't stand people talking

All around me

Making noise.

Just stop acting and hold me close.

Tonight Here Now.

The End

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