Barbie Ken


If I'm sad, you'll never know

My tearful feelings will never show.


If I'm angry, it won't be clear

You won't get that scream you wanna hear.



 If I've been crying, I'll make an excuse

Some believable answer to get you off my caboose.



If I haven’t laughed in a week

Well, you’ll never get a chance to take a peek.



 If I’ve lost all hope in you

Maybe you should get a clue.



If I’ve yelled in your face

Try and give me some more space.



If I’ve broken down before

Don’t come back and call me a whore.



If I’ve finally let it all go

Give me a hug but don’t make a show.



If my tears have slipped out

Hug me kiss me without a pout.



And if I’ll never love again

You’ll be the first one to know ‘cuz you ain’t no Barbie Ken.

The End

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