Barb Wire

I hung my heart on barbed wire

Every day it tightens a little more as she grows

Walking with eyes filled with innocence’s

Blind to what danger scurries through these concrete streets

Monsters with familiar faces

bogeymen with beautiful smiles

She will be raised with the heart of a lion and curiosity that could kill a cat

She will be taught to reach for the clouds and not to just blend in

She was born to be unique



Don’t tell me I am too young to raise a baby

Don’t tell me I will never be a good enough parent

Don’t tell me I will ruin my child’s life


I made her

My body made her

Bits and pieces of our love melded in to miniature anatomy

 She has a giggle that brings me up from that pits of hatred I once called home

Her voice is like the world’s best symphony dancing inside my ears

Her finger prints are tattooed on my skin like ink I never want to wash off

God himself searched for the most beautiful shade of green and hand-painted her eyes

I am a warrior of responsibility

 A temple

I am home to her

She is my hearts soliloquy

 Version 2.0 of me

Don’t tell me I ruined my life

Don’t tell me what I’m missing out

Stilettoes that once held me high like I lived on a pedestal

Now hidden in the back of a closet

They whisper dark secrets of a past life

Of late night raves and days I can’t remember

Now I'm like a God in the eyes of this tiny human

I hung my heart on a barbed wire

The End

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