Banana Smoothie

This poem is lowkey dedicated to a girl I met this past quarter. She's optimistic about life in general but not about love as of this moment due to her previous bad love experiences. I wrote this poem to try to get her to be more optimistic about the future and to not let her past experiences scar her and prevent her from enjoying and experiencing the present.

Sprinkle in a little happiness and a little hope,

Tear off the extra sadness and scrub the slate clean with soap,

Pour your heart and soul, then mix it up,

Make it start and watch the ball roll, next pour in cup,

Let the glass be almost full and not half empty,

Forget the past to render it null and you'll see eventually,

That in life, there's a life lesson for everything so stay driven.

Have faith from above and know that the teacher is most quiet,

When the most important test is being given.

The End

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