Balloon animal heart

I want to squeeze a human being until it bursts
Your balloon animal heart
Half contortion and latex
Half cursed, the irrepressible trauma 
Of a fourth or fifth birthday
Or circuses, tents
A.C. vents and agoraphobia
Cold air tastes as good as ice cream feels
Running through fingers
Dried to a paste, a waste
Of jelly
And I scream
As my aorta swells with oxygen molecules
Distended, we end on this:
Lips to lips
All plastic-tasting
My waist shrinks away as pink blooms
Across your skin, aspartame and sin and PVC
Buboes, insects, sweet bouquets
You turned your nose up, walked away
From me, dimly adorned in polyester, cotton,
Dribble, sand and dawn-dew
The curtains ripple
Rinsing themselves in aqueous humour
The firm kiss seal of the window
Mimicking my eyelids, refresh the page
This pale, thin vacuum
Of linen and lace
And screens, screens, screens
A waterfall, 8-bit stream
Of consciousness, 
My thoughts a foot outside my head
Dancing with phosphenes
Holding conversations half-lost to me
Sat in the corner by the windowsill
The champagne has run dry, I fear all
Bubbled into wine,
And on pixels I wish 
That this bed was
Still mine

The End

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