Ballad of wind and stone


Get on with it,

In torn muslin and wrinkled linen

Barefoot walking

I can’t remember why I cried myself to sleep but I recall the cold

Discovering the hole in my shoe

Thin soles and tattered layers all pulled apart

And I feel of the ground

Concrete all pieced together

Cold and colder with the shadows of my feet

But you can’t pry the shadows from the stones

The stones are dying to reflect

Ground into sand and poured into glass


Here we go again,

The wind rustles my skirts all it does is remind of when the wind was lighter

The breeze that blows out the flames

Takes away the sheen of sweat

Nostalgia brings forth envy

I miss the perfectly content feeling I had

Entrenched in the present

Looking onto the banks of the future

But I always look too high

And the only thing that holds you up is the stones


Are these your last words?

There’s always a thin patch of sun

I like to watch it expand and blink away, then expand again

The wind is watching

I don’t know what it wants to see

Perhaps it just wants to take form

Everything and everyone

Everything and everyone…

Don’t call it lofty ambitions

Everyone and Everything wants to be seen

Seen perhaps as something a little bit more ethereal

And I suppose I’m worst then most

Admitting weakness seems worse than admitting sin

Showing how you’ll never learn

Your faults deeply ingrained, unmoving…

The End

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