Ballad of Jonathon and Stephanie

Burning the midnight oil still adds to the solitude
the empty streets are soaked within the glow of the streetlights
Leaves are scattered on the journeys we had never undertaken
Will you spare me the trials of a sleepless night?

Sometimes I wonder if the sun will never rise
It can take as long as it wants, I’ve stopped caring
Come on over and sample the quaint serenity
Can I give you what you have wanted all this time?

I’ll still wait by the same oak tree religiously
Civil to the folk who wander swiftly into obscurity
Don’t be shy ‘cause there’s nothing you could say
that will change my dead certainty

I don’t buy those old wives tales n’ I’m not superstitious
but I remember that story ‘bout that woman who turned to stone
waiting on her lovers return from the seas
If that is what it takes then I’ll play along
I guess I just cling to whatever hope I can get


The End

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