Ballad of Dusty Gold

I think it would be better for the both of us
If I hailed a cab and left unceremoniously
I may have guessed you wanted me to stay
but your eyes shone with the delight I harboured
I just don’t think it will work out
I am nothing when I am with you

Got out in the desolate boulevard
Found a cigarette in my pocket
Just thinking, why is it so hard
to fall in love when falling out is so easy
I didn’t want to remain and stir up an argument
Because i knew neither of us would win

When the clouds gather, I wish for the rain
each raindrop reminds me of your tears
We’ll meet tomorrow, we’ll meet Sunday
just so I can find myself within you
Teach me how to stay the same
when the whole world is changing around me

Out of all days of the year, Valentine’s is coming up
Another excuse to drink until the flames become a cure
I ain’t going to the bar today, no I am off to my apartment
Maybe I can find your number and give you a call
You sure as Hell ain’t got mine though you asked
I was just worried my feelings would peak too soon

Even when you go and paint the town red
I am a pale canvas coloured with thoughts of you
My heart is framed with neglect, doubt and hope
If only I could show you how sombre my years have been
I can see the colourless perils that perish your optimism
I would collect them and make them mine

Are we keeping to ourselves or are we just doubtful?
I don’t want to rock the boat even when I am sinking
into a sea of blackened hearts where the lucky drown
But I’ll lift you up at the expense of myself
Nothing makes me more joyous than seeing you smile
I hope those sentiments are returned

The End

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