Departure (MidnightPoet)

Cleaning bathrooms
Taking out trash
Packing clothes
Greeting everyone with somber expressions painted on your face
Knowing that you may never see that person again
Taking numerous pictures of seemingly insignificant things
In an attempt to capture the magic and ethereal perfection of this paradise
Eating the last meal, before the last day, at the dining hall knowing that even though you complain about the food you will still miss it dearly
Preparing with your friends, roomie and suite-ies for that final dance
Where you and your fellow peers will be congregating together having a good but bittersweet time
Tears and hugs become contagious as you leave to spend your final night in the dorm that you've come to call yours

The sun rises and your alarm buzzes, waking you up and dawning the last day of this home away from home
As you move through your slightly skewed routine, everyone walks with their heads down and their voices low, not wanting to leave these people behind
They have become your extended family and you will keep in touch with them always
You won't forget them and they won't forget you because of the experiences you have experienced together.
The laughs you've shared
The smiles you've exchanged
The tears you've shed
Whether in a romantic or friendly way
Love is the one thing that connects everyone
And that cannot and will nto be broken under any circumstances.

The End

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