Flying (MidnightPoet)

Everyone has that one person that makes them happy and content
You do not know how things will play out
The person may be taken or available
Then based on that fact you will either be sad or happy
Most would give up once they discovered that the person was taken and simultaneously begin ignoring their unfiltered feelings
But I did not ignore my feelings nor did I give up
Against my true pessimistic nature, optimisim laid its fist down and demanded that I never give up hope
And so I didn't
In repsonse I watched what I did
Watched what I said
But I did not ignore how I felt
I just made it seem as if I was uninterested and disconnected for the sake of that person's relationship
I planned to look for another person that gave me this new irreplaceable sensation
But my search was in vain for I was always led back to the same person
His eccentric, blunt, humorous, true and pure personality shone out in many colors
Light brown
They captured my attention and held it with a tight, hard-working hand
We did not try to impress each other
We did not consider ourselves more important than the other
We did not need to
We understood how the other felt at that first fateful glance
I did not have to wait long before he became lighter
He shook loose the burden of the his relationship and was able to unfurl his wings and be free
I thought he would fly off to someone else
Someone smarter
Someone better
But he did not
He unexpectedly flew to me
He wrapped his wings around my form and asked
"Do you wish to fly with me?"
An answer was immeadiately evident to me but I didn not wish to seem hasty
So I replied, "Let us walk the earth for a little longer and by the time we are done I will have an answer."
He nodded in agreement
We then traversed the earth for a time and eventually we stopped
I looked up at him
"Yes, I would like to fly with you."
He smiled and took me in his arms and we flew off into the sky, laughing joyously and experiencing the warm feeling of mutual contentment

As of now I am still in the sky flying with him

Written: 6/26/2009

Revision:  He ended our flight on 9/26/09

The End

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