A Moment of Your Time (MidnightPoet)

Lying in the grass

Kicking off your shoes, feeling the world beneath you without a filter

Closing your eyes and just letting your mind be lost in the intracacies of the earth

At first the bugs, insects and arachnids are frightened by your presence

But as time elapses, and passes you by, you forget who you are and the bugs, insects and arachnids forget that you do not belong there

They crawl over you as if you are a mound of dirt, not knowing and not caring of your purpose

The noises of the birds and various other fauna begins to lull you into a semiconcious slumber

Where you forget where you begin and the world ends

The world suddenly is simplified

There is no why

There is no what

There just is

And you can feel it in your sould

In your body

And in your mind

The End

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