Martyr (MidnightPoet)

That fateful day is forever etched into my memory
I shall never forget it
Every time silence falls I think back onto that day
That day when my whole world came crashing down
That day reality slapped me in the face and told me to wake up

So much sadness I experienced then
So many condolences I received; so many I'm sorry's
I'm so sick of it all
Because they say these things with no feeling
They don't understand the situation fully

They don't understand that I don't remember what happiness is
I live my life and I smile and laugh bu it really doesn't mean much to me
Only he could bring that happiness to my life
But he left me, his family, this world
He left for noble reasons
He left against his will
But his footprints have been engraved in the earth, never to be forgotten

Everything he's touched
Everyone he's been aquainted with
All of this is now considered sacred
He is a martyr for our peace
He will never truly be gone

The End

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