Imprint (MidnightPoet)

Tears fall as rain
They fall for the sadness of those that can never be found
But even though they're lost the waves still break on the shore
And the waves still wash away the memories of those that have tread upon the miniscule grains of sand
Each grain remembers all that have tread upon it; even though they are not unified in that same shape
Distance separates them but they still share this connection that allows them to never forget each other

Memories are forever
Everyone imprints on each other
Whether the imprint be largely significant or not is inconsequential
You recall the imprint everytime you see the person, whether it is a concious or subconcious recollection also does not matter

Sand remembers everything it has experienced and remembers everyone it has shared these experiences with
That is why it is used to measure time.

The End

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