Songs (MidnightPoet)

At first I only knew how to sing songs of DESPAIR
Songs of SADNESS
Songs of HURT
And when I went looking for other song singers
I found what I thought to be different songs
Happier songs
Songs much different than my own
But I soon found out that these songs were not different from my own
They were the same
They too sung songs of DESPAIR
Songs of SADNESS
Songs of HURT
They sung not only these songs
But also songs of DECEIT
Songs of LIES
Then, as TIME progressed, I learned to ignore people's songs and not TRUST what they were singing
But in a new, unexpected place someone sung their song proud and true
He sung it without a falter or a quiver
He did not hesitate
And he did not stop
Once I heard his song all my past transgressions with people scurried away
His songs jolted through me and made me feel ALIVE
His songs were of HONESTY
His songs were of HAPPINESS
His songs were of LOVE
I know I write that his songs WERE of this and WERE of that, but that doesn't mean that they aren't any longer
He taught me how to sing the same songs that he sings
He taught me, not through actual teachings, but through experiences
He still sings his songs and I now sing my new songs
But we sing them TOGETHER
WE sing of HONESTY
WE sing of TRUST
WE sing of LOVE
Our duet represents our amazing BOND
The BOND that was created because of these specific songs
Everyone knows to how to sing them subconciously
All it takes is that one person to extract them from you
And from then on you will know how to truly sing them because it will come from the HEART

The End

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