Balance (MidnightPoet)

This is a conglomeration of poetry that I have written over time and some new pieces of mine. Feel free to add any poetry that you have to Balance. Everything and anything is accepted with open arms.

Yin and yang
Hot and cold
Love and hate

Everyone and everything in this world has something to balance it.
Whether it be people, objects or conditions
Even people have that one person that compliments the other
If couples were mathematical equations when added together you would end with zero
One cannot exist without the other
If one is by itself then it is not truly existing
It needs its opposite, its other half of the circle, its matching puzzle piece
Some never end up finding their balance in life and they are never truly alive
They do not know what happiness is
They do not know what love is

Black and white
Up and down
Tick and tock

The End

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