Bag Lady


I'm still trying not to become a bag lady, and carry around baggage without a tip for free

Like every other woman I see, or man, for that matter

Trying to keep my self open, not naive, but open

Open to love and to beautiful and to positive, all the things god is...

Trying to separate my past from my past but still remembering the signs and disruptive occurrence in an already irregular pattern that I've analyzed to the point of knowing too much and not saying one, word..

Too hard to look myself in the mirror anymore

Cuz my me was lost drowning without a sound

Beneath a river of hallowed heartbeats, the waves of sonar turning into radiation, clearly,

microwaving my brain

Into thinking it was ok,

Acceptable, thankful even, to be treated anything less than a queen

Isn't that what we were all truly meant to be, kings and queens of divine right, regardless of bloodlines

Blessed and highly favored

Now I see what he tried to show me I'm just grateful I was able to recognize it in time

The End

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