about a bag

it's not like it's made for shopping

it's not like it's mary poppins'

it's just a bag it's RED

maybe that's why it behaves as big as a shed

it's bottomless!

it's a ravine!

there's things in there that'll never be seen


guess how many sticks to make your lips shining

can make their way through the hole in the lining?

it's cavernous!

it's ravenous...

for bus tickets,tissues pens and combs...

and the embarrassing ringtone of your unfindable mobile phone

oh, the smirk of that zip

as your keys you try to locate

listening desperately for the ''chink'' as you give it a shake

it's just a bag

not even as big as all that

it just likes to think it's a magician's hat!


The End

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