Bad Day

I dedicate this to my mother, she and I have our days where we just know that the other is just having that bad day. I love you mom!

Ever had that day, where it just all falls apart?

Your plans didn’t go the way you wanted

Faking that smile when someone asks you how you are

You say you’re fine

But remember you told me it’s not alright to lie

I see you at your black desk

Your eyes are sore as your thoughts

I know you know I know it’s all wrong

But it’s focusing on it that makes the magic go away

I know we all have days of thinking of those other days

But I want you back

I want to see that spark in your eyes

We don’t need any more red wet faces

All I want is to forget what has happened

We are done with this so why do we still think about it?

I don’t know, but I know it’s just another bad day

Please give me a favor

Even just for today

At least focus on what’s still alive within us

I don’t need you concerning about me being scared of hurt

I know we’ll make it through this day

Just like we always do

Though we all have those bad days when we just need to rest

I don’t mind, just please don’t make it a habit

I know how you feel

You’ve had a bad day

You think about all that’s bad that happened to you

We’ll make it through this story just got to keep holding on

Look how far you’ve come, don’t make it a waste

You know I’m not wrong

It’s just another bad day

The End

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