Bad B*tchesMature

As I view them

I walked to the bar,

Dropped the tender my credit card, 

Spotted a girl from afar,

A Short brunette in fishnets,

She was dark,

I copped us shots then darted over,

To Start to know her sober,

Early birds get the worms,

Drunkards get leftovers,

I poked her shoulder,

Hoped it wouldn't grow colder,

A coal smoldered,

Conversation started,

**Lets go soldier,**

Like Marx we parted

from the open market,

I Moved slow,

her thirst had to grow,

to get her home alone,

she threw a bone,

complimented my Cologne,

I mimicked,

said her eyes were vivid,

She smiled,

Her Interest hadn't shifted,

We kicked it,

Her name was Bridget,

Came from Notre Dame to visit home

She majored in business,

minored in civics,


and her boyfriend wasn't there,

She was there wit' no limits,

Without a doubt in minutes,

We had mixed our digits,

Without a doubt addicted,

We had Winged it, slid to finish,

In the back of the back of her car,

Retracting her back from the arch we lifted,

Skip a week

and we're distant,

She is what she isn't,

what she is

is an instance,

So instant,

I know if I miss it

I missed it,

Bad bitches,

They're everyone's problem,

Bad bitches

No one can solve em.

The End

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