Bad Behavior

A confessional poem.

Position of black sheep was already taken.

Brother snagged that prize long ago, a regular James Dean.


Maybe ‘bad apple’ would be a better badge to wear.  Worms can be removed without much damage, but that would leave the chance of redemption and


That treason won’t be tolerated.  No mercy for the abomination and the abominator.

People can change.  They do every day.  Oh, wait, that can’t be true.  You stay the same.


If I’m the black sheep, you’re the blighted ewe.  I’m the bad apple? You’re the rotten tree.  Dissenters

Breed dissent, true?  Positive attracts negative--not too sure.  Laws were made to be broken.


Agree to disagree--that’s my motto.  Disagree with everyone and everything--that’s yours.

Shake off your loathing.  Get on with living, why don’t you? Leave the devil some work.


The End

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