Bad , bad world....

This poem is about the world as I see it.

Why do we have eyes?

The eyes that can only see what's on the outside.

Outward appearances and fake masks

obstructing our views from what's pure and real.

I wish things weren't this way

I wish we could see what's inside each ones mind and heart,

I wish everyone's intentions would be clear to everyone,

I wish this world would be a better place.

Liars, cheats, fakes are all that we've become

Living in this web which is getting thicker with lies after lies

with all the evil covering our hearts,

Its like a stain, thick and dark.

So clean away the evil from your hearts

wash them clean, your stains of hatred

scrub them bright till the last dirt of lies fades away,

unless you want to take your last  breath 

suffocating from the web of evil you wove around yourself.

The End

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