What if we lived life backwards, I thought
Started with death, all the pain and grief it brought
And get it over with quickly, right at the start
To continue on the journey of life before the life departs

At the next stage we reach sickness, disease
Your body on a bed waiting for its release
All your bones creaking, but slowly changing to a well- oiled machine
And your freedom comes another way- your health bill is clean!

So now at age sixty-five you tackle real life
With bonuses for not working and a beautiful aged wife
And you cannot help but think of the pleasures you reap
By watching and making other people work as you please

And they cook and clean and do your chores
While you watch T.V and movies galore
Waiting for the time when you’re young in career
And watch as old timers tremble in fear

Your first day at work you buy a Rolex
With the profits and paparazzi, you have absolutely no regrets
Already at the top of any ladder you may have climbed
So many choices to go down…so many paths to align

And it’s all up to you ,, choose what you want- no efforts
Unravel the chord and take a slow look at your records
Oh success, and now you have your PhD degree
Welcome to the high class of pedigree

With the rich and the famous you enter your thirties
Youthful looks, no strings attached- plenty of beauties
To capture and dazzle with all the money you saved
Dancing, prancing about the route you paved

And you slowly turn to your college years
Parties, drinking without any fears
Because you’ve already tasted success, what’s left to scare?
Now you’re free to do absolutely anything you dare!

Shackled no longer to a nagging wife,
No girlfriend, no kids, a perfect high school life
A megawatt smile, killer abs and girls
Time goes backwards, bettering itself as it unfurls

Moving you to childhood when everything is bliss
No worries, no hassles, nothing amiss
Candies, sweets, a sugar filled haze
Who cares anyway, life is all a fun race

For those that get fed and clothed, carried from place to place
Having to put in no effort only to sit and with your presence grace
The crowd that coos and fawns and adores
To pamper an spoil you to the very core

Sending you along a passage to the suite
With centralized heating and automatic nourishment- you don’t even have to eat!
Only relax and curl up as you peacefully lie
Feeling nothing but pleasure as your life ends on a high.

The End

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