Like a lost mourner

In the dark alone,

Walking preset paths

Questioning life known

"What's been given up on?

To settle on content

What have we become?

Where is our Godsend?"

Seeking no proofread

God's role they assume

No need to de-weed

Perfectly no room.

Each single victor

Stake sun and summit.

No bigger picture.

Claim what they covet.

Action in demand,

Favor to be bold.

Open up clenched hands,

Death and life they hold.

Cremate cold colors,

Grey to flame to black.

Spread wild seed flowers

Spring forth through the cracks.

From their gridded plots

Backyard beasts bellow

Echoes rent rooftops

Borrow row by row.

Curtains part, blinds pry

Startling the light

None can stop the fire

"Free thy self! ...Take flight!"

The End

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