Backstabbed HeartMature

I wrote this poem months ago. I'm not sure who it's aimed at, but even if I did know, I wouldn't tell them :/

I don't want your apologies

Sympathy, or to be talked about.

I just want civilization please,

So next time, count me out.

It kills me inside

Or at least it would

If I still feel,

Oh if only I could.

When I told you I cared

And wanted to help

You were lonely and scared -

I was left by myself

When the storm did halt.

You sucked it out of me

It's not my fault

That I have no sympathy.

Now there's little you can say to make

Me give another shit.

Yet my insides do ache

At the thoughts of it.

I different than I was,

I am strong.

I lost myself because

I waited too long.

Before the truth was revealed

In all it's glory

And my fate was sealed.

Now this is MY story -

This time it's about me.

And you can run right along

Until you see

You're wrong.

There's nothing more you can do to

Shame me.

When your world betrays you

Don't blame me.

The End

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