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The wolves are hungry tonight
Tonight they shall go hunting
Hunting for the necessary sustenance
Sustenance that everyone strives for
For the well being of the pack
Pack, the inseparable family of brothers ans sisters alike
Alike they all are but also quite unique
Unique in the way their fur shines in the moonlight
Moonlight, the light the pack travels by
By the night they hunt their prey
Prey, that cannot escape once the pack has found the scent
Scent of the meal to come
Come run with the pack through the forest
Forest, that is their domain
Domain where they roam together, hunt together
Together from the start
Start the hunt
Hunt the prey
Prey on those that are weak
Weak are the souls
Souls of the earth
Earth is their home
Home is where the heart is
Is there a lone wolf alive?
Alive, he is not
Not living in mind, body and soul
Soul has fizzled out and died
Died because of no pack, no companionship
Companionship eternally
Eternally a family
Family of wolves

The End

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