Back to Back

This poem was made in mind with the thoughts of differences. I tried to make the image of a ying yang.

Back to back is how we stood

One facing foward

The other looking back

While one enjoys life  to the fullest

The other longs for the past

These two are as different as day and night,

and yet,  still they were always together.

Back to back is how we stood.

Facing different paths but always together.

One as free as light and air

The other chained down to the darkness in her soul

One's life is full of great happiness

The other is full of great misery

Happiness to be one's self

Misery to be the other

Back to back is how we used to stand

one moving forward

the other stopped in her own time.

No longer together

their bond to each other is now gone forever.

The End

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