Back in My MindMature

The smoke meanders up in a ribbon.

A whole colony outside of mouths and asses,

eating and shitting, viewing, eating, shitting.

The genial animals roar in their harbored pale skin.

My thoughts differ from the body born from bloody clubs.

The men highlight their styrofoam houses.

A whole nation of dick salesmen,

flaunting their cause.

There is so much to see, 

so little money,

too many problems.

I'm losing my soul trying to let you go.

If you need to ask yourself if you love me anymore,

there are better questions you should be asking.

I seem to be waiting for the night almost everyday,

and I would not have it any other way.

Any other way.


Damnation for your mind.

The Nation is your mind.

I'd rather be living in the cold outside,

then listen to the telephone ring.

I need to realize no one here is gonna save my soul.

The only option is to fake myself into feeling free,

but I'm too damn smart.

Those obedient nothing, neither happy nor sad.

Lost or found.

A brain of infancy, a body in front of a desk.

Those people never will hurt.

Those people will also never feel.

I'd almost be you.

I'd almost be you.

After the closing of the year,

I look forward to being a different man.

Not taking into account the me from the past.

There was a time I was sure,

I was meant for so much more.

Taking care of your family at the cost of your own life.

So I'll hide up in the mountains,

and chase some kind of dream.

Because somewhere I made up my mind.

Morals cannot be compromised in the face of corruption.

Broke and hurt, bent and broken. 

That green soulless demon looks pretty nice.

When you rebel against everything,

you end up finding you have nothing left.

Don't let the sun go down,

don't let the sun go down.

The End

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