Never Came Back

I'm out of my element again with the poetry! So you know don't judge my format please...

We used to lay in the road
For as long as we dare
Waiting for the sound of cars 
 With dirt and gravel in our hair
I still have that memorable scar
From the time you almost  kissed me in the barn 
Remember I fell against the nail in the wall? 
You tied your bandanna around the wound on my arm
And smiled at me with conviction and charm 
I try to shake it
I try not to remember at all
but when I go back home to where I used to live
I see the phantoms of two stupid kids
Who used to scrape their knees as they jumped  from the trees 
into a pond to escape cruel realities 
You opened your arms and heart for me
 And just as quickly abandoned me
I want to forget your laugh
I want to forget your smile
And the way you used to get in fights for me
Sneak out of your house in the middle of the night and get home at three
There was a time when you were the only one I needed
You said I was the only one that you could see
Never enough
You told me you wanted more
My heart was trash, a piece of glass on the floor
I told you I could never like you like that because I love you too much
You dropped my hand 
Because you didn't understand
I watched frozen in my tracks 
did it have to go to that?
As quickly as you fixed me
I broke you and you never came back...

The End

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