Baby, Won't You Smile?

A friend of mine was hurting awhile ago, and just as I was looking through old poems I found this thing...wrote it ages ago, way before I even met this friend. In his honor, I cleaned this one up a bit and am now posting it. Love ya, buddy!

Baby, don’t you see?
It hurts me when your eyes are dark and somber,
To see the tears streaking down your face
I want to brush them away with a soft, caressing hand and a weak smile
Baby, won’t you smile?
It pains me when your heart is breaking
When it beats shallowly
Faltering and slowing gradually over time
Baby, don't you know?
It kills me when you sink to your knees
Wondering why the world is so
I want to hold you into me and assure you everything is okay
I never could lie to you...

The End

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