The Lost Dog

I wrote this when I was in Y2, so I was either six or seven. My teacher gave me a 'practice book' to write in because I wasn't to good, or fast, at writing. For that reason, I include all the spelling mistakes. I remember this took me twenty minutes to write.

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lily. She had a mum called Sue and a dad called Robert and a sister called Jenny and a brother called Ben. Aswell she had a puppy dog called Jim. One day lily and Lilys mum and Lilys puppy dog all went to the park. Lilys brother and Lilys sister and Lilys dad were at home becus thay wanted to wach tee vee. Lily wanted to play on the swings but thay were all taken so she desided to play on the slide but a little boy was on it so then she wanted to play on the rownda bowt but it was going very too fast. So then Lily asked her mum for a chocklat ice creem so her mum told her to wait on a bench with the puppy dog. Lilys mum had to all the way back to the gate that thay came in at so she was getting chocklat ice creem for a very too long time. And then all of a suddun Lilys puppy dog ran away in the forest. Lily wanted her puppy dog to go to sit back on the bench so then she ran in the forest to get her puppy dog. It was very too dark in the forest so then Lily cryed becus she was scaired from the dark. And then Lily cryed agen becus her puppy dog was lost. "oh dear its very too worse becus my puppy dog is scaired from beeing lost!" she sed. And then it got very too worser becus then Lily got lost aswell! Lily cryed agen and so then she desided to go out of the forest. So then when she came out from the forest she seeed her puppy dog on the bench. And then her mum came with a chocklat ice creem and thay went home. And they all lived happyly ever after. The end.

Haha. I can't believe my teacher gave me a sticker for this.

The End

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