Harry's Schedule

I wrote this when I was ten or eleven with my best friend Chelsie. I guess you guys might not find it funny, but there's something about it has me in stitches every time! Yeah, it is Harry Potter related. We had too much spare time.

Harry Potter’s Schedule-

Monday - Today’s schedule is to first meet with Dumbledore at 2.00 pm at the circle of life where you will be met by none other than Sir Grandolf Sabastiano (Louisa Pinker Belles dad [her mother chose her name]) who will then take you to the palm holding ceremony where you will be blessed-if the spirits think that you are in need of it- with the gift of seeing all life. You will then meet with Dumbledore and discuss the following topics:

<Horcruxes>20mins tops


<Voldemort> (I skipped the lord because as we both know he is no lord to anyone) 20mins tops


<Shizzily Nizzars>7mins

<Any other topic that you feel is important to the inhabitants of the wizarding world or any personal questions you would like to ask him would be asked in this time limit.> 20mins tops

Remember and take a note of all the questions that you have asked Dumbledore and all the answers that you have received.

Tuesday-Tell Ginny that you still love her. (Give her an amazing present. ie.diamonds)

The End

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