Once in a dream,

 I stood next to an unclear figure.

He took me to a beautiful sea,

He said it was the sea of faith.


We sat on the sand and talked.

We talked of the sea.

He said it was drying up;

He said less people believed.


Less people hoped, less people dreamed,

Evil was causing it.

“People have given up,” he said.

“They don’t have dreams any more.”


He remembered when everyone had a dream.

Dreams of aeroplanes, cars and trains,

Dreams of becoming doctors, firemen and politicians,

Dreams of love and dreams of families.


Now there are just bad thoughts,

Thoughts of money, war and heartbreak.

People who can no longer live in peace,

Unforgiving, hard, cold people.


“Maybe one day,” I said,

“Maybe one day they will all be happy again.

Maybe they will all join hands and forget their differences,

Maybe they’ll unlock their hearts and let the dreams out.”


“Maybe,” he said. “Maybe.”

“Do you believe?” He asked me.

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes, I believe.”


But when I woke,

I found myself once more in a world of hate.

Happiness seemed so far away,

But I remembered my words.


“I believe.”


I was either twelve or thirteen when I wrote this, it was for homework in 1st year. I think I was trying to be smart with a little poem that doesn't rhyme...

The End

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