I, The Hated War

I wrote this when I was 15. It was published in my high school year book in the school year of 1966 / 1967.  The Vietnam war was a big discussion topic then, because boys the same age as our seniors were being drafted to die in a very unpopular war. It was just as unpopular in Canada as it was in the United States.

I was here twice before
And I shall come again,
For I am well remembered
In the hearts of many men.

I am really something
Much loathed by everyone.
I have ruined many
Populations one by one.

The least of my great power
Is more than man can bear.
It's their fault, they started me,
So my hatred they must share.

My destruction and my power
Is at its' very peak,
And I shall strike at any time,
For their defense is weak.

The Armies and the scientists
Have tried this twice before:
To rule the world by starting me,
A bloody third world war.

The End

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