Me and My "Friends"

I wrote this down at about 8 years old. At the time we were doing character development in English, one of my favourite things to do. We were asked to write something about a conversation we would have with one of our characters if they were real.
I wrote this instead.

They're sitting here,
Inside my mind.

They've all got names
And stories to find.

There are some really big
And some really small,

And some who aren't even
Human at all!

There are goodies and baddies
And others as well,

Some are from this world
Others from a parrallel.

But I love them all dearly
Because they're my friends.

No matter if some
Come to sticky ends.

When I feel a little lonely
And I want someone to talk to.

They're always there to help me
And somehow I get through.

Even though to different stories
And other places they are send.

I always know that they will
Stick with me to the end.

As you can tell, my spelling and grammar wasn't great at the time, but I kept it in its original format, cause I thought it was rather cute.

Note: Most of the characters mentioned here are indeed still running around in my head... scary eh?

The End

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