Something Strange Has Happened

The file information on my computer says that this was 'modified' on 6/12/2006 but I swear I was younger than this when I wrote it.

I think I was about eleven or twelve when I wrote this:


It was Kelly who started it all. She was the one that caused all chaos and mayhem to her pleasant and calm village. It was her that unleashed the black curse into the world. It was her that made the world evil.

            It was Monday afternoon. The children at St John’s School were racing out of the building and through the gates. Kelly was walking with her sister, Angela, to the bus stop, at the end of Rushcliffe Avenue, when she found a can of coke on a wall that hadn't been opened yet. She reached out for the can and put it in her school bag.

            'What did you just take, Kelly?' asked Angela sternly and Kelly replied

            'I took a rose off that bush down there. A lovely white one to go in mum's vase at home.' Angela smiled and carried on walking.

            They came to the bus stop and the bus came round the corner. They got on and paid their bus fare. They were both silent on the way home and didn’t say anything. Kelly wanted to open the can of coke but if she did Angela would wonder where she had got it.

            The bus pulled up outside their house and Kelly ran like the wind all up to her room and locked the door. She seized the can from her bag. It was still cold. She opened the cap and smelt it. It smelt fine but when she drank some it was horrible. She opened her window and spat it out.

            'YUCK! This is the worst coke I've ever tasted. No wonder someone left it on the wall!' She threw the can out of the window too and it landed on the grass. The coke spilled onto a patch of grass and it suddenly shriveled up and died. Kelly had now closed her window and was lying on her bed.

            Time passed ever so quickly that it was nearly 9 o' clock. Kelly and Angela had to go up to bed. They got snuggled up in bed and in no time they were fast asleep. Dreaming happy dreams and looking forward to a brand new day.

            Whilst they were sleeping the coke that had spilled on the grass had spread all over their back garden and soon onto the other gardens. It was as if it was a curse. A curse camouflaged, as something any kid wouldn't resist taking. It spread all across the village and taking over the houses too. Kelly had released something bad.

            The next morning when she woke up she was outside on concrete. She sat up and looked around. It was empty. The whole of her village was bare. She ran to where her school would have been. It wasn't there. All that was there was a flat concrete playground. She ran to the corner shop. Nothing. She ran to the swimming center. Nothing. She ran to the field. Nothing. What had happened to the village!

            She then heard someone behind her she turned and it was a black curse. She didn't know what to do so she reached out to it but she just dropped to the ground. She had fainted and there was nothing she could do but lie there. Still. Not breathing. Dead! Like everything else around her.

I can't believe how bad my grammar is xD

The End

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