Spring Time

It says I was 6 when I wrote this!

I know it's spring when I lose an hour in bed,                                      

The clocks go forward,

The days get longer,

We always get April showers,

But the days are warmer too,

The trees are growing blossom,

They're growing leaves as well,

The birds are making their nests,

Even they can tell.

Spring flowers are growing, tulips and daffodils,

If you look carefully you can see daisies as well,

Here comes April Fools Day

And Mother's Day as well,

Mummies go mad spring cleaning,

They have to clean the walls, windows, curtains

And everything else.

Here comes my birthday,

I'm glad it's coming round,

I hope I get lots of presents,

And lots of cards as well,

Easter is not too long after,

Good chocolate eggs too!

But the best thing about spring

Is that summer is almost here!

This is the best I will ever be at writing poetry! haha

The End

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