The Captured Prince

<Some one commented on my 'Road to Santa Barbara' that 16 wasn't young enough to qualify, so thank's to my mother I found a few gems. So I give you 'The Captured Prince', which was graded B by my 4th Grade teacher.>


Once upon a time there lived a king named Francis. One day King Francis was sitting on his throne in his throne room. He was wearing gray pants, a red shirt and yellow shoes. His eyes were blue, his hair blond, and his thoughts were about his son who had been captured by a dragon. Soon his page came in and told the king that a girl by the name of Crystal had come to see him. King Francis answered, 'Seeing that I am not busy bring her in."

"Yes Your Majesty," said the page and hurried out to bring the visitor. The King watched and waited and soon the page came back, with him a girl who was probably 12 or 13. She was wearing a white blouse, a red jumper and blue sandles. Her hair was brown and had a small crown in it. Her eyes were as green as the needles of a pine tree.

"Your Majesty I have come to talk of your son," she paused, "I would like to know what you would give me if I rescued him."

At that the king smiled and said, "I give you the chance to try, if you succeed I will talk to my son about the reward."

"Very well I will rescue your son," Crystal answered and truned around to start her mission.

After the interview with the king, Crystal set out for Oak Woods. On the edge of Oak Woods she picked up her sword and went in. As she trudged along birds were singing and the sun shown green through the leaves, but as she walked into the woods less birds sang and pines started appearing until she could no longer hear the birds and the woods were all pines.

After an hour Crystal came upon a clearing which had a brown stream running through it and a cave to her right. In front of that cave was a dragon. He had greenish-purple scales and small purple wings.

"Lazy Bones Orge I have a message for you," shouted Crystal after having hid her sword.

Rolling over and opening his eyes at her voice, Orge the dragon mumbled "Really all this bugging for a prince, now what do you want."

"You're a coward or I'm not a princess. really I thought dragons were adventerous. Or is the challange too low?"

"You're right on the second try, but I know what you're getting at," Orge was fully awake by now.

"O.K. I have a deal. If you send prince Johnson away I will stay here."

"Simple, and I know who would be first agreed. Come Out Johnson and meet my slayer."

Johnson came out wearing navy blue shoes, sky blue pants and a red shirt. his eyes were brown and his hair blonde. As soon as he saw who it was he rushed over and kissed her asking, "How did you do it?"

"There is one draw back. I stay here and you go free."

"Orge made you do it didn't he?"

"It was her idea I swear it was her's," answered Orge taken aback.

"It was yours," Crystal said.

"No it's yours," Ogre yelled back.


"Want to make a bet?" yelled Orge.

"Oh yeah," said Crstal pulling out her sword, "take a look at this!"

"I, I take that back I did help the idea form," said Orge regretfully.

"So does she go or do I have to fight you," asked prince Johnson.

"She is free I have no use for her, except, she can show me how to rearrange my teasury."

"You are silly," said Crystal laughing and putting away her sowrd, "You just arrange them by colors; come on Johnson."

If anybody came in on that moment they would have seen an oak wood all the way through, with birds singing full tilt, a green grass clearing with a clear stream running through it and a dragon arranging his treasury by color.

As for Crystal's reward, she married Prince Johnson and owned half the kingdom, the half with Oak Woods, no less. Everybody in this story lives happily ever after.


<The End>

The End

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