It's Not April Fools Anymore!

This little jewel I just found says it was written at age 9.


My mother said to go to sleep

I hopped inside my bed.

I woke up in the morning, and

my feet were on my head.


I yelled out-loud to my mother's room

and there before my eyes,

my mother stood beside my bed

with a look of great surprise.


She grabbed my feet, and arms, and legs,

and told me to get up.

She said that if I didn't,

she would go and get THE PUP!


At that very moment I unwrapped

my arms and legs.

I got up and I tripped and fell

on some rolling Easter eggs.


I rolled into the living room,

and smashed the Christmas tree.

I said "It's Christmas and it's Easter!

Oh gee!"


I got up covered in pines and pricks

and said, "These things must have been tricks!"


My brother said he made them up

but didn't tell my mother.

My mother said she made them up

but didn't tell my brother.


I told my brother, "It's not April Fools,

so you can't give me a blister."

He said, "Oh well."

"You're just my little sister."

The End

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